Free summer classes

Nothing says summer like shorts and some coding. The mentors of the Pigmice would like to announce that we will be hosting a Summer of Code and Robotics. This free class is for students attending high school in the fall or currently in high school.

This is a beginning class for students with no experience or knowledge of programming and robotics (especially Freshmen). They will be presented the foundations of the Java programming language and how to use Java to connect to external sensors to inform a robot about its world, like its orientation, how close it is to a wall, and even to use vision sensing to see objects. Experienced students are welcome also.

Lessons most Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30pm at various public libraries in the Southeast Portland area.

IMPORTANT: Since we are limited in the amount of time we can spend "in class", the bulk of the work will be done at home on a student's personal computer, so we expect each student to be self-motivated (Note: if you need a computer, we may be able to help, so don't let that be a limiting factor, also the work could be done on library-access computers also).

Go to our Education page for more details and a sign up form. We also have info on a free App class.

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