Welcome from co-coach

I am Cindi Carrell, one of the two co-coaches of the Pigmice robotics club at Cleveland. Welcome to the team. I will be sending you and your parents a series of emails in the next day to get you up to speed on the club. We have a busy fall! I try to keep my emails to one subject, so maybe more emails but once something is done or if doesn't relate to your family, you can just delete them.

First thing - please team member, ask your parent if they got this email; parents ask your teen. We want to check that we've entered all the email address correctly. Reply to me here if someone didn't get the email.

We ask team members to check emails at least twice a week. We tend to do our main communication via email, rather than text, as we often have more details than fit in a text. A little later in the fall we expect to more the team members over to Slack, a free program for team communication, but we will keep doing parent emails.

I sharing the coaching/facilitator work with Thea Villasenor-Coleman, an alumni parent. I am the parent of two Pigmice team members, Jackson (a senior) and Tucker (a freshman). Thea and I volunteer to help the team because we love what our kids get out of this program.

The basics to start:

  • We ask each new team member to complete an interest form - which is what we build our team roster from

  • To use tools, every team member must have a signed waiver on file

  • The team is open to any student in the area, so we have kids from Cleveland, Franklin, NW Academy and homeschooled.

  • The team is student-led so they make the decisions but are supported by the two co-coaches and 7 mentors.

  • We are meeting during the early fall on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-5:30 pm in the Cleveland woodshop but will be adding some extra work sessions too.

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