More interest in the Marathon, Oct 8

Thanks for the team interest in doing the Portland Marathon fundraiser. We can add extra volunteers to the event (see details below) but I need three things:

  1. Team member name or parent name (both can volunteer and would be welcome)

  2. Email

  3. T-shirt size

Michelle will forward those to Portland Marathon. I've heard interest from Jackson, Ben Green, Nathan Jesudason and Audra McNamee - anyone else?


The details: We are doing a volunteer shift with the Portland Marathon - they donate to our program after we help provide labor.

We are signed up as a team to staff Saturday's Event Registration on October 8th from 11:30-3:30 at the Portland Hilton. This is a great gig - no early hours and no bad weather. We need 25 volunteers so we need parents to volunteer also. We have passed our initial deadline for signup so need everyone to urgently check their schedules and register.

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