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Hi Pigmice families, Now that Jaden is a senior and in her fourth year on the Pigmice, I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on how much she has gained from this team. I remember being a freshman mom at our first Pigmice meeting and being in awe of the team leaders' maturity, skill and confidence. I looked at my shy little freshman and couldn't really imagine her standing up in front of a room full of parents and students and running a meeting. Fast forward four years and she is doing just that, and more. One of the slogans of FIRST is "More than robots" and now I know exactly what they mean by that. This team is doing so much more than just building robots. With the help and guidance of our incredible mentors, these young adults are learning skills that most people don't learn until they get into the workforce: Collaboration, organization, time management, business acumen, leadership, diplomacy, decision making, etc. These skills will benefit them in college, career and life.

As you can imagine, it takes a big budget to fund this kind of program. Every penny we raise goes to support the team to buy the materials they need and to pay competition fees. In order to be competitive, we need adequate funding.

You can help by donating a suggested per family amount of $200 (or whatever amount you are able to contribute). I can tell you from experience that grandparents love to support this team, especially when their grandchild calls them up excitedly to tell them all about it. Donations are tax deductible.

I look forward to connecting with all of you throughout this year and I'm really excited to see so many new and returning team members.

Oink, oink, squeak, squeak. Go Pigmice!


Ali King (Jaden's mama)


  • To donate online, follow this link:

  • Checks can be made out to: CHS PTA Pigmice and either delivered by your team member to Scarlett Ehly, Finance Captain; brought to our team family party this Saturday; or mailed to CHS, Pigmice, 3400 SE 26th Ave 97202

  • Any donation helps. Please email Cindi back at this address if you'd like to do an installment donation program or forward a donation request to a family member or workplace. She can generate an invoice payable by credit card that can be emailed to grandparents or other supporters.

  • Donations to CHS PTA Pigmice can be matched by some employers, Cindi can help with that also

  • Thanks to those families that have already donated!

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