Crunch time

Crunch time is on - just 9 work days left until BunnyBot. The team is meeting every day this week and next but your team member should find the right amount of time to balance school and team work. The team needs a supervisor for Wed afternoon and Thurs late shift this week.

From Ryan, the team is asking for help supervising, carpooling and planning ahead for supervisors during the main Build season that begins in January.

  1. Help needed this week and next:

  2. Carpool for BunnyBot - this is critical - our big competition for this first half of the year is December 17th at Catlin Gabel. We will need carpools for this also -

  3. Survey to help plan a more regular supervisor schedule - finally, we need parents to respond to this quick survey to help us better plan our supervisor schedule for the Build season -

More Bunnybot info if you are interested:

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