Interested in volunteering?​

There are all sorts of ways you can help our team. Two specific ways are as a Supervisor during our work sessions and as a Mentor. A mentor is a person with specific technical expertise, such as Marketing, Web Design, Programming, Engineering, etc. If you are interested in being a Mentor, see more details here.

The team asks adults to be a supervisor. We need a supervisor for every work session. It's an easy and fun gig - your main responsibility is to keep the team members focused on safety. Longer work sessions are broken into multiple shifts, allowing supervisors to come when they can and control how much they volunteer. Some adults like to get more hands on with our projects, some prefer to read or work. It's all good and all appreciated. There are a few steps to becoming a supervisor:

1. You must be age 18 or over, and no longer a PPS student

2. Follow the PPS approval process here: ​​ which includes agreeing to the PPS Volunteer Code of Conduct and doing a background check

3. Must have proof of PPS Volunteer Background check emailed to one of the co-coaches at ​​ before volunteering (screenshot of the approval or email forward or if you are already approved, let us know via email so we can confirm it with the school’s database)

4. Agree to follow team policy of 2 deep contact system

        a. No adult alone with a team member that is not their own child.

        b. Two adults can work with one team member or one adult can work with 2 team members

5. Completed FIRST YPP background screening for mentors if required to by FIRST (this only applies to mentors, not Family volunteers acting as Supervisors)

6. Sign in at CHS front office if you are volunteering during school hours (this would be very rare)


To help you as a supervisor, we've created a Checkout List. ​To sign up for a shift, follow this link to SignUp Genius Pigmice Worksessions.