During off-season (the part of the year that is not competition season) our team actively trains new recruits. We do that by attending events such as Girls Generation, where only girls can participate, Rookie Rumble, where only rookies may participate, and Bunny Bots, a quicker and more casual event with a game of its own.


Starting in early January, our competition season begins. We are told the game and must decide on an innovative way to compete with robots from around the area, state, and even the world. Beginning in March, the competitions begin. We travel to several competitions in order to win prizes for our robot, our team, and our outreach skills.


 Our “Build Season” lasts six weeks and consists of several aspects or programs


Robot Design

Students use computer-aided drafting software to create a 3-dimensional model of a competitive robot.


Robot Build

Students use part fabrication, machining and sheer determination to build a competitive robot.



Students create and test the computer code needed to make a competitive robot move.



Students design a wiring plan for, and wire up, a competitive robot.


Human Resources

Students manage all components, including manpower, needed to build a competitive robot.



Students develop and implement a marketing plan to promote our team within the school and community.