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2023: Clackamas Imagery Award

2022: Wilsonville District Event Entrepreneurship Award / PNW District Oregon Fairgrounds Event Alliance Captains / ORTOP Girls Gen Semifinalists / Bunnybots Winners

2019: Houston 2019 FIRST Championship Turing Division Finalists / ORTOP Girls' Gen Finalists / Chezy Champs Finalists / Peak Performance Finalists & Peak of Technology Award

2018: Peak Performance Champions / Lake Oswego District Event Semi-Finalists & Engineering Inspiration Award / CAIS District Event Entrepreneurship Award

2017: Lake Oswego District Event Entrepreneurship Award

2016: CAIS District Event Entrepreneurship Award /

Wilsonville District Event Judges' Award

2015: Wilsonville District Event Judges' Award / Oregon City District Event Semi-Finalists

2014: Oregon City District Event Finalists

2013: Spokane Regional Regional Finalists

2012: Spokane Regional Innovation in Control Award

2011: Autodesk Oregon Regional Finalists / Creativity Award / Excellence in Design Award, Sacramento Regional Innovation in Control Award

2010: Autodesk Oregon Regional Semi-Finalists / Innovation in Control Award

2009: Oregon Regional Autodesk Visualization Award / Rookie Inspiration Award / BunnyBots Winners

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