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When Build Season is in full swing, the team is working late and appreciates evening meals. This helps them stay focused, supports all team members being able to eat (not everyone has funds for meals out) and builds team spirit through a shared meal break. Our goal is to have families provide two meals per Build Season but note this is not a requirement - please make the best possible decision that works for your family situation.

We have 3 ways families and supporters can contribute to this:

  1. ​Bring in a meal. A meal can be something anything easily eaten off a paper plate or bowl. We've had people bring lasagna, chili and rice, beans and rice, taquitos, build-a-sandwich station, big pot of pasta, quiche, breakfast for dinner, heavy snacks like cheese and fruit and crackers. Asking your team members what they would like to eat is a good way to start. We can plug in rice cookers or crockpots if that works for you.

  2. Sponsor pizza or other local food delivery where you call in the order for the team and they walk to pick it up (we have info on local discounts we get)

  3. Crockpot items. Our team has a crockpot. If parents are having difficulties providing meals for the robotics team, they can easily provide nonperishable boxed soup and boxes of crackers or breadsticks. This will nourish the team when meals can't be provided by parents.


Dietary and nutrition suggestions:

  • Info regarding dietary restrictions to come...



  • Most of the time we only need enough food for 10-15 people

  • We have plugs in for crockpots and InstantPots if you need to cook your item further or keep it warm

  • We have plates and utensils

  • There will be a team member to help you set up the meal

  • Keep it simple - it really helps if you bring the meal ready to serve and eat

  • Expect dinner to be served about 5:30-6 pm

  • Mark your serving utensils and containers with your name and please try to pick them up that evening, or if they are disposable, please note that


Meal Ideas:

  • Spaghetti premixed in a pot

  • One-pan family-sized dishes from the freezer section at Costco or Safeway like lasagna or enchiladas (watch for these to go on sale)

  • Chili and rice or cornbread

  • Sandwich bar with bread, mayo, meats, cheese and toppings like pickles and lettuce

  • Casseroles like mac and cheese

  • Griddle for french toast or grilled cheese sandwiches (made by an adult)

  • Breakfast casseroles

  • Beans and rice with toppings like chips, avocados, salsa, sour cream

  • Bowls like a protein with a carb (rice and grilled chicken, rice and hamburger)

  • Bagels and cream cheese

  • Homemade pizza

  • Things to stretch a meal like rice, bread and pasta


Snack Ideas:

Adding a snack item to donate to the Pigmice to your weekly shopping list is really appreciated. Send in snack with your team member. We keep a tote of snacks in the wood shop so we can store non-perishable items.

  • Mandarin or small oranges or apples. Sliced apples are nice if you are sending them that day

  • Trail mix - to stretch it you can add breakfast cereals, pretzels or other small crackers

  • Pita and hummus

  • Chips and salsa

  • Goldfish crackers or other cheesy crackers

  • Yogurt pretzels

  • Granola bars

  • Cheese sticks

  • Mini muffins


Our thanks to Team 997 Spartan Robotics for their documentation of team meals which we used extensively for this page

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