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Branding Standards

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The branding standards outlined below are to be followed when producing any communications material. They serve the purpose of ensuring a strengthened and unified team brand. Through consistent usage of these branding standards, our team will not only appear more professional, but also stand out - producing a lasting and powerful impression.

Team Name

The official team name should be used in all formal documents. Alternatives in written or verbal communication may be used in any non-formal situations.

Official Team Name:


In written or verbal communication:

"The Pigmice", "2733", "Team 2733", "Pigmice 2733"


Usage of the Pigmice logo on any document must be that of the logos shown below. In addition, it must also comply with the designated width - height ratio.

Width-Height Ratio:

Width: 650 Height: 350


Pigmice White Logo


Pigmice Logo SVG.svg
Download ZIP • 17KB

SVG - Scalable Vector

Color Palette

The colors used in any communications material should be selected from the primary color palette below. Colors may vary from the primary color palette as long as they remain recognizable to our brand.


HEX #4b3048 RGB 75, 48, 71


HEX #000000 RGB 0, 0, 0


HEX #ffffff RGB 255, 255, 255


The primary font should be used for all text in documents pertaining to our brand. If the primary font is unavailable, substitute fonts may be used in its place. Additionally, secondary fonts may be used in body texts.




Open Sans




Proxima Nova

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