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Get Started with Onshape

  1. Create a student account for Onshape.

  2. Once signed in, go to Preferences in My Account

  3. Ensure the length unit in inches.

  4. Once you open an document, click the app store button on the top right of the screen

  5. Next, go to the search bar and search for MKCAD.

  6. Once you do that, add MKCAD to Onshape. It is a free library of a bunch of basic robotics CAD assets that dramatically speed up the CADing process.

Adding FeatureScripts

Custom features (and custom tables) are written in a programming language called FeatureScript and are created in an Onshape tab called a Feature Studio.

  1. Select the + box in the top right corner of your toolbar. (Note: if you already have a feature script installed, click the down arrow next to the feature script to select the +. This is also how you select different feature scripts to

  2. From there, either browse feature scripts by clicking FeatureScript Samples, Community Spotlight, or Public, or use the search bar to find a particular feature script.

How to use FeatureScripts

Selection Fillet

  1. Select the Selection Fillet tool.

  2. Click add selection.

  3. Click seed edges, and select your base edge

  • ThreadCreator can be useful as well to create threaded objects.

  • FeatureScript Belt is amazing!

  • Lighten is very useful for making lightweight parts more quickly

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