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Can be used to create pockets or slots with an endmill

Can be used to create holes using a drill bit

Can face a surface to make it flat or a certain width using a fly cutter or a large endmill

Can be used to tap - however is not recommended unless you know what you're doing and it is necessary.

Can counter-sink holes

Can find the center of a hole or an edge

Drill Press:

Mostly used to make holes quickly with a drill bit

The idea here is that it makes much less time to set up than a mill and you can achieve a very similar level of accuracy.


Used for machining circular parts

Can help put holes in hex shafts

Can be used to create a place for a snap ring to fit around a hex shaft

Horizontal Bandsaw:

Used to cut stock that has thick walls or solid stock

Cold saw is too fast to go through that much material

Vertical Bandsaw:

Used for making roughly cut parts fairly quickly

Used primarily on sheet metal or less robust material

Can be used to also make

Cold Saw:

Used to cut lengths of tube, hex, L, C, etc very quickly

Don't use on solid stock or anything with > 1/4" thickness


Can be used to take small amounts of material off from an improperly cut tube

Can be used to deburr external edges on parts such as waterjet parts or the ends of tube.

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