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This guide will take you step by step through wiring an FRC robot from start to finish:

General Best Practices

  • No whiskers. When using push to connect fittings make sure the wire is stripped to the correct length and has been twisted together so there are no "whiskers" that could cause a short.

  • Crimps > Soldering. Soldering wire introduces difficult to identify points of failure. Crimps/connectors should be used when possible.

  • Components should be modular. It should be easy to swap anything from a motor to a motor controller to the PCM with basic hand tools in less than 2 minutes.

  • Thin wires need to go in sleeving. Anything 20AWG and under should go in sleeving.

  • Don't zip tie too tight! Wires can be cut by a zip-tie very easily. Velcro cable ties should be preferred.

  • Don't pull too tight! Wires should have proper strain relief, and should never be pulled tight.

  • Zip-tie Powerpoles, use clips on CAN. All connectors should be zip-tied or clipped together so they can't come loose. This includes a battery "oh-shit strap" which is a zip tie connecting the battery connector to the PDP/breaker connector so that if the battery falls outside the robot the robot is still powered and drive-able.

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