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Central Principles/Ideas to Keep in Mind:

  • Don't put things behind other things, because it makes them harder to find and means no one will put things away

  • A place for everything, and everything in its place

  • Avoid totes or storage where you have to dig through things as put as possible.


  • 2015-16: Everything was stored in cabinets. It was bad. Things were put underneath other things and no one liked it

  • 2016-17: Shelves were used, but they were put in the middle of the upstairs. That was very bad. There was more totes than there was floor on the ground.

  • 2017-Present: Decent shelving and an electronics table. This has been the current system, which has been working okay. More and more small clear boxes are being used to store things, which has been beneficial

  • 2018-19: CAD computers were moved downstairs

Agreements with Woodshop Teacher:

  • We get half of the space upstairs

  • We can use the classroom, which we use for meeting space, CAD computers, and our tool carts (also robot).

  • All metal shavings have to be gone by end of the day

  • Every extension cord must be put away at end of day

  • Keep our tools separate.


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